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28 May 2012 @ 09:25 pm
Hiatus happenings  
Now that the show's on hiatus for the summer, there's not much to report about it. However, seems like the cast and crew are keeping busy, instead of lazing around during their break. :) So, with no further ado...

First, Andrew Marlowe & Terri Miller did a Writers Panel with Nerdist. This was actually recorded back in April, but was just released on the podcast this month. Haven't had a listen yet, so can't speak as to its content.

Luke Reichle's webseries, Secrets of the Red Carpet has gone live. It streams live on Saturdays, but you can catch the most recent episode at the first link.

Seamus did an interview with Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Jon's continuing his Day in the Lyfe webseries and flying with the US Navy's Blue Angels.

Beginning at 3'17", Stana talks about her work on the Batman: Arkham City video game, and next month she'll be filming a new movie, CBGB. Spoilers at both those links, btw. Also, not something she's doing, per se, but she's on Maxim's Hot 100 list this year. Don't remember if she was on it last year, but this year she comes in at #80.

And Nathan's been busy going to a musical based on The Lord of the Rings and a movie fesitval airing of Serenity, where he did a Q&A (in 3 parts) afterwards. He talks a little about his upcoming role in Much Ado: The Movie, and mentions that he'll be going to a television festival in Monte Carlo.

And that catches us up for now. :) Anyone doing a rewatch this summer, or catching up on episodes they've missed? TNT seems to have delayed their reruns of Season 1. Hopefully, they'll be airing them soon, though. In the meantime, there's always DVD's.