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16 April 2012 @ 07:30 pm
Podcasts, Pictures, Plus more!  
Wow! This season is almost over. Where has the time gone? There are only three more episodes to air, including tonight's. And still no official word of a new season. :( Still, the cast and crew seem optimistic, so we will be, too. :)

While we wait, here's some fun stuff to get us through:

Stumbled upon this Rick Castle/Nathan Fillion Appreciation Board on Pinterest the other day. It's more Nathan than Rick, but that's ok, right? ;) Anyone out there use Pinterest? Think it'll be the new Tumblr? I kind of doubt it, but one never knows...

Seems like Castle & Beckett have a few fans. They were voted TV Guide's Favorite Couple, even though they aren't even a couple. Yet. Think it'll happen this season? Or are we going to have to wait until next? Whenever it happens, do you think it'll kill the show, or are the writers good enough to keep the ST going once it's no longer UST?

ABC's been busy in the cross-fandom promotion department. Seems like Castle made an appearance on Missing. It was a "don't blink or you'll miss it" situation, but fortunately someone got a screen grab.

CastleTV's been keeping up with their podcasts. I don't always link them, so be sure to check their archives to see who they've talked to in the past, but here's one with Robert Duncan, the music composer. They also put out a sneak peek for their next one with Marta Evry, editor, and Penny Johnson Jerald - aka Captain Gates. They say there are no spoilers for upcoming episodes, which is always good to know.

Speaking of Penny Johnson Jerald... Apparently she joined Twitter back in December. Oops, don't know how I missed that.

Luke Reichle took ShoesTV behind the scenes and showed them over 1,200 pairs of shoes worn by various members of the cast. Wow! The video starts with a spoiler scene from tonight's episode, so you might want to wait 'til later to check it out, but it's a fun watch, so do take the time later. Here's hoping it's not US restricted. Also? Apparently Luke has his own website, and will be streaming content online beginning in May. Interesting...

Tamala Jones did a short interview with Fitness Magazine, in which she talked about a prank Nathan pulled on her. Oh, Nathan. :)

And in the lead up to the finale, which was filming last week, the cast and crew had a wrap party before wrapping. Stana and Penny were the only ones "lucky" enough to have their photos tweeted from it.

And that's all for this week. There's another break next week, and then the final 2 episodes of the season will air over the following 2 weeks. Can't believe the end is upon us. Gonna be a fun ride to the finale! Here's hoping it's not as nail-biting as last year's. ;)
lvs2read: Nathan in blacklvs2read on April 18th, 2012 03:00 am (UTC)
Yeah, it was nice to see Castle get an eye-opener into the seedier side of police work.

It was fun, too, to see Nathan and Adam bounce off each other again. :) I was actually expecting more Firefly references, but the ones they had were fairly obscure. *shrugs*

Still, it was a fun episode, and it'll be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out.